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Protective Services Blog

Restaurants Need Site Surveys To Prepare Against Roaming Mobs

Restaurants have become key targets by mass demonstrations intent on harassing and disturbing patrons and commerce. While peaceful protests are legal, we have all seen the videos where all too often the mob feels emboldened and entitled to attack innocent customers, restaurant staff and management without warning. (Read More to download a helpful guide)

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Video: DPSG Vehicle Disinfection

For Your Safety

Transporting clients to and from venues, hotels, and other sites can expose them and their driver to unexpected pathogens.

DPSG has adopted the same practices and materials as the United States Secret Service and employed the E-Mist electrostatic mister to create a protective film on every surface of the vehicles we use.

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Document Sharing Security

Your corporation is sending you to a series of trade shows, and you have your travel arrangements all set. The office sends you a PDF with all the details, from a company email to your personal email. This perfectly innocent scenario is played out thousands of times each online.

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