NRA and NC Certified Concealed Carry Course

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Derecho Investigations and DPSGUS hold regular monthly concealed carry classes for individuals, families, and groups that desire to qualify for a concealed firearms carry license in the state of North Carolina. The classes are taught by our owner, a certified firearms instructor, with a long history of teaching citizens how to properly handle, store a firearm, and when to use a firearm for protection.

Ron Mann, the owner of Derecho Investigations, has been instructing people in shooting sports since 1994 and will personally guide you through the entire course. Meeting for the entire Saturday, you will be provided with the materials you need to successfully navigate the laws surrounding the use of deadly force, and other topics important to concealed carry – e.g. where you can carry and when. The requirements for the course are listed below along with an inventory of what you will need to attend the course. DO NOT purchase a handgun just for the class! For the qualifying gun range portion of the class you will gather at the range where you can rent a gun should you not already own one.

First time attending this type of class? Do not worry. Many people have thought about carrying a concealed weapon for years. They may own a firearm that they keep in their home or office, but believe they would be safer in transit or out shopping if they had a concealed firearm.

Your instructor’s background includes military service, state trooper assignment, and certification as a licensed firearms instructor. NC CCH Instructor #100189278

Course Dates, Time and Cost:

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Classroom Training at:
Premier Training Academy, 5624 Executive Center Drive, Suite 142, Charlotte, NC 28212, USA – Telephone: (704) 806-4933
Gun Range Training at:
Eagle Gun Range, 3789 Roberta Church Rd., Concord, NC 28027
GPS both locations prior to arrival so you can easily find them and time your transit.

  • The entire course cost is a one-time fee of $125, which includes the classroom instruction, range time, and target.
  • Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class so attendance may be taken and materials distributed.
  • Do not arrive late. Late arrivals may not be allowed to continue the course as the classroom segment requires a thorough understanding of the laws presented.

Please register online or call (833) 377-4871 to inquire about our upcoming classes.

Upcoming Concealed Carry Courses: (Click a date to register)

Course Requirements:

  • Students must be 21 years of age to participate in the course.
  • Students MUST be able to lawfully purchase a firearm. (If you have a felon conviction and have not your rights restored you may not attend this class.)
  • Students may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol for any portion of the class.
  • You must be physically capable of securely holding a weapon and firing on command.
  • You must be able to listen to commands in English and follow them strictly.
  • You must be able to read English and understand the course contents as related.
  • You should wear comfortable clothes.
  • You need to know the most basic rule of firearms – always treat every firearm as if it were loaded. Never point a firearm at anything or anyone you don’t intend to shoot.
  • If you are bringing your own gun, you must also bring 40 rounds of ammunition in the proper caliber for your firearm, for use in qualification.
  • If you do not have a gun, you may rent one for $10 and the 40 rounds will be included.
  • A target will be supplied.
  • No guests, children, or animals are allowed in the course room or inside the range. Make arrangements so you can focus on the coursework.
  • You will be provided with a North Carolina handgun law book, which you should be prepared to annotate as you proceed through the course. This book is yours to keep for future reference.
  • No electronics may be used during the course. Place your phone on vibrate so as not to disturb others. Let your family/friends who may wish to contact you that you will be in class during the course hours and please do not disturb you unless it is an emergency.
  • All firearms should be unloaded and stored in a case, a zippered pouch, backpack, or other secure carry bag before entering or exiting the classroom or the gun range.

You may bring food, snacks or drinks to class.

Please register online or call (833) 377-4871 to inquire about our upcoming classes.

Upcoming Concealed Carry Courses: (Click a date to register)

Concealed Carry Course Synopsis:

The morning will be completed in the classroom. Revolvers should be unloaded. There is no need for the firearm during the classroom portion. All students are expected to arrive with any weapon unloaded, clips removed, and the chamber empty in the case of semi-automatics.

Before Qualifying at the Gun Range:

After the classroom portion, the class will break and reconvene at the gun range chosen for each date. Students are responsible for their own transportation.

Students will watch a safety video upon arrival at the gun range unless the student is already a member of the range or has the appropriate card stating they have already viewed the gun safety film.

Each student will need to obtain their eye and ear protection at the range, unless they bring appropriate gun range safety glasses or ear protection with them. Gun range eye and ear protection must be approved before entering the firing range portion of the building.

Students may wish to use some range time to practice with their chosen firearm before the actual qualification portion. This will give them a greater level of comfort and help improve their results. It is recommended you bring extra ammunition for this purpose.

Qualifying Time:

Each student will be instructed how to hang their target, and when and how to fire their firearm. Extreme care and caution must be observed at all times and the instructions of the firearms course instructor and range supervisors must be followed at all times. Do not unholster your weapons, load them, or attempt to use them without permission. Upon your completion of each round of firing you will be told to set your weapon down appropriately. Do not wave it around or continue to carry it after you have fired it. Always put your weapon down after use with the muzzle safely facing downrange.

If your weapon jams for any reason, STOP, put the weapon down carefully, step back and get the instructor’s attention. Do not bring the weapon to him. Leave it on the table inside the firing range cubicle you have been assigned. The instructor will examine the weapon after any misfiring. Should it be determined the weapon cannot be used, you may rent an alternate weapon on site.

In order to complete the course you must qualify with your target shooting. Take your time. Do as instructed. The course instructor may give you additional input on how to improve your stance, positioning, and aim to improve your skills during the practice phase of the course.

Concealed Carry Insurance:

After qualification your group will be given a presentation by the insurance company, U.S. Lawshield. This demonstration will help answer questions pertinent to the use of firearms in North Carolina, and your liabilities if you find yourself in the position of having to defend yourself, your family, your church or other deadly force situation. It is highly recommended that each person carrying a concealed weapon have coverage in the case of any use of their firearms in preventing a criminal act as the costs of legal defense can be substantial.

North Carolina Concealed Carry Course Application:

Dignitary Protection and Security Group, in conjunction with Derecho Investigations, welcomes you to the course and asks you to fill out the class attendance request form at the following link:
You will be contacted after your form is received to acknowledge your inclusion in the course or reschedule for a future date depending on demand.

Please register online or call (833) 377-4871 to inquire about our upcoming classes.

Upcoming Concealed Carry Courses: (Click a date to register)