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Testimonial From A S.W.A.T Trainer

Rod Smith Compliments DPSGUS’ Professionalism

[Charlotte, North Carolina – August 4, 2020] – By Rod Smith – I worked with the core group this past weekend. All I can say is the level of dedication and professionalism demonstrated by this team is rarely seen and overall unheard of in this industry. I have taught many individuals in my years as a S.W.A.T operator/instructor on tactics and the de-escalation mindset. This company was fantastic to work with all around and a great experience for both sides! (Reviewed on Facebook)


Executive Protection Training Course March 2020

Derecho Investigations Announces An Executive Protection Training Course In March 2020, For Charlotte, NC

The Independent Security Advisors Course Supports Security Needs During RNC 2020

[Charlotte, North Carolina – January 20, 2020] – Derecho Investigations owner, Ron Mann, announced that the Republican National Committee (RNC) estimates include private security needs of up to 500 security and executive protection (EP) personnel for the RNC 2020 convention. Prerequisites for executive protection agents will be graduation from an accredited professional EP training course, proper license from the State of North Carolina Private Protective Security Board or the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice PPS credential under the reciprocity agreement.


Dignitary Protection & Security Group Launches InDepth™ Client Services

InDepth Represents A New Evolution For Investigation & Security

[Charlotte, North Carolina – February 12, 2020] – Dignitary Protection & Security Group owner, Ron Mann, introduced their clients and the general public to a new level of investigative sophistication and personal protective security with the launch of their InDepth™ Services. Going beyond the obvious and accepted methods for pursuing answers to complex questions, DPSG will be using the latest technology in modeling to find details and provide information that will help elevate their investigative skills. Once only available to large government contracts, DPSG’s proprietary InDepth™ Services will be helpful in solving cases and providing protection for all clients.