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Novel Coronavirus – Covid 19 Update

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Information You May Need To Understand The Corona Virus Pandemic

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For the last two weeks we have been studying the media reports regarding the coronavirus that came from China. COVID 19, Novel Coronavirus, or N-Cov. All the same. I leave it to the experts to define it. At the end of this post I will give you a list of the experts I am referring to, and how they are getting prepared and what they advise-it is not what the CDC, HHS or the TV doctors are saying. Most of the government and TV doctors seem to be committing malpractice!

Most coverage is about what started in China and how many people the Chinese government said were affected, sick or dyeing. Little mention made US Media about all of the facilities in China that were closed due to movement restrictions initiated to slow or stop the spread of the virus. Then it was reported that the virus had spread to both Japan and South Korea at almost the same time. Japanese media covered the virus spread very well, as did South Korea; As strong democracies it was expected.

This is in no way similar to the seasonal flu! This is an entirely different animal. Politically speaking, would the world’s second largest economy have shut down if there were “just” 1500 deaths? Not in China! You will see from the linked reports that there are far more deaths than being reported. In the USA, the CDC has dragged its feet in testing. As of last week, there were less than 400 tests given. In a country of 315 million? There were over 300 thousand Chinese students that returned to the USA after spending the Chinese New Year back home in China! Less than 400 tests!

This N-Cov has an R=naught rate of between 5.6 and 6.5. That is the rate at which each person infects other people. One person infects between 5.6 and 6.5 other people. And then they infect 5.6 to 6.5 others. The common flu is 1.2 other people!

The Complication rate on the N-Cov is 18-20%! So 20% of the people infected will need medical assistance. A lot of ventilators will be needed and a lot of drugs! More on that later…

80% will not feel much, if anything on this. Great! But 20% of the USA population is 64 (corrected figure) million people that will need help! How many hospital beds are available in the country? Not enough for 1 million new patients!

The N-Cov remains viable on hard surfaces for up to 9 days. 25 independent studies on this right now.

N-95 masks only prevent spreading the virus-not preventing you from getting it. Dr. Martenson discusses the particle size of the virus is smaller than what the 95% efficient mask (N-95) can protect from-and most don’t wear it properly.

N-100 masks ARE HEPA grade masks and do protect you-if worn properly! And they must be frequently replaced after getting “wet” from breathing.

Hand washing with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds does work. Hand sanitizer or Alcohol with at least 60% strength alcohol also works.

N-Cov has been found active on Chinese money. The Chinese government has encouraged citizens to use their debit cards. Various methods were developed to decontaminate money.

There is STRONG evidence that N-Cov is airborne! Between the rapid spread on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan to an infected patient infecting 120 healthcare works at UC Davis in California while under droplet (sneezing) protection, there are numerous signs it is airborne-so why wouldn’t the government treat it as such??

The virus is spreading at an exponential rate – the flu does not!
The FED just dropped the market rate by 50 basis points! They have NEVER done that for the flu!

The virus is now community spread-this means it CANNOT be contained at this point. Its effects can ONLY be slowed or minimized. As Dr. Martenson discusses several times there is a balance between stopping the virus, keeping the economy alive, and keeping the hospitals from overloading. If you fail at any one of these our Case Fatality Rate (CFR) will rise. Currently it is 2.5% in the USA. The flu CFR is .1%! THIS IS NOT THE FLU-IT IS WORSE. RESPECT IT!

Resources and References:

These are the people I am looking to with a history of solid information. No money is being paid to them, nor do I receive any from them. They are doing it because the government is not. Time to start reading the Fourth Turning!

Dr. Chris Martenson’s daily blog video on YouTube, or on or:

I would watch ALL of these to see the progression and gage Dr. Martenson’s statements. It won’t take long to see his accuracy and the numbers involved.

Coronavirus/covid-19 article on Gab. Scientific notes since removed from gab. Linked here:

Map of spread of virus:

WHO sources: Remember, they have been very untruthful through this entire virus spread!

CDC-Also has been giving out conflicting information:

Security sources of information on ASIS online:–resources/security-topics/disease-outbreak-security-resources/

This is the CDC’s own guidance on what they are SUPPOSED to do:

This is the current CDC protocol information:

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