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Dignitary Protection and Security Group provides executive protection and VIP protective services in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding region

Today’s volatile world of disinformation has bred social unrest everywhere.

Executives have become targets of street radicals, even if they have done nothing wrong. DPSG can protect you.

Dignitary Protection and Security Group teaches and applies countermeasures to stop stalkers and those intent on illegally stalking others

The first question one has to ask in a stalking case is “how can we turn this around?”

It takes trained specialists to get you, your family and co-workers relief. DPSG stops stalkers in their tracks.

Dignitary Protection and Security Group can survey your residence, office, or corporate location to make sure you have all necessary security measures, cameras, sensors and access controls in place

Most homes in America are completely unprotected against home invasion even with installed security devices.

DPSG can help you differentiate between effective deterrent and ineffective ones. We truly make your home your castle.

Protective & Security Services Provided

Uniformed Division & Armed Protection Team

Whether DPSG provides basic uniformed security or fully armed protective services, our team is hand-picked by the owner, and rigorously vetted. Only qualified former law enforcement and military personnel capable of handling physical threats are employed as:
– Armed Guards
– Uniformed Security
– Plainclothes Security
– Consultants

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Executive & Dignitary Protective Operations

High-prolife public figures and business owners/executives face challenges daily. Worrying about their personal security should not be necessary, but today it must take priority. DPSG has the experience and personnel to secure offices, homes, and provide protective travel coverage for:
– Business Owners
– Executives
– Key Personnel
– Couriers
– Politicians
– Foreign Officials

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Advance & Logistical Operations

Security should be a primary objective in all facets of any event plan. DPSG has a long history of providing advance security evaluation and planning to support all types of events. Both public and private events require:
– Advance Planning
– Personnel Placement
– Itinerary Review
– Site Evaluations
– Operational Guidelines
– Contingency Planning

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Site Surveys – Residential & Commercial

Finding the weak links in your security should be left to a specialist like DPSG. From your home or commercial site perimeter to entryways and internal layout, every location is different and requires review of:
– Perimeters / Approaches
– Landscaping and Lighting
– Security Systems and Cameras
– Internal Defenses / Barriers
– Contingency Plans

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Threat Assessments, Intel & Surveillance

The average person may not even be aware that there are threats on their life or livelihood. DPSG has the experience to evaluate your threat level by conducting surveillance to review:
– Known Threats
– Social Media
– Unusual Contacts
– Telecommunications Anomalies
If you experience unwanted attention, allow us to examine the records to determine if any patterns exist.

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Transportation, Motorcade & Safe Housing Support

When traveling, executives, officials and dignitaries require a level of support necessary to ensure safety along the travel route and during their stay. DPSG provides:
– Thorough Route Survey
– Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Routes
– Itinerary Deadlines
– Anonymous Accommodations
– Untraceable Temporary Housing

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Special Events

Special Events carry a multitude of risks from unknown sources. DPSG has the depth and knowledge to counter any problems before they arise by examining and providing:
– Transportation
– Accommodations
– Security Escort
– Front Door Concierge Security
– Vetting Catering & Other Vendors
– Background Checks
– Site Surveys

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Counter Stalking Surveillance Teams

DPSG can determine if anyone is surveilling you or using countermeasures without your knowledge. If you are a high-threat, high-security target then you should consider having us examine these items and sweep for electronic devices:
– Your Home and Office
– Your Travel Itineraries
– Your Vehicles and Transport
– Your Phones, Computers and Electronics
– Your Personal Support Staff

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Personnel Background Checks

DPSG has the investigative capacity to examine the behavior and background of your support staff, and other personnel. We can include typical contacts, such as travel agents, dry cleaners, personal shoppers, and others in your circle who may pose a risk to your security. We determine suitability using:
– Fingerprinting
– Psychological Profiles
– Unknown Contact Review
– Reliability Profiles
– Morality Summary

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Dignitary Protection and Security Group is the Charlotte NC leader in VIP Protective Services for Executives, Celebrities, and Politicians.

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